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Monte Frank Dispatches 2 Newtown Police Officers “Mafia Style Enforcers” Out of Jurisdiction to Threaten a Connecticut Resident For Calling Monte Frank

For more information about Danbury Attorney Monte Frank’s illegal and fraudulent “Team 26” money-making scam listen to the Sandy Hook Justice Report and watch the following video showing just how much Monte Frank has to hide. Wolfgang Halbig shares the recent progress and addresses the troublesome hoaxer and stalker groups who harass Wolfgang and his associates for asking questions in opposition to an official narrative with many many holes. The Hartford States Attorney continues the obvious cover-up in the case of Connecticut vs Jonathan Reich and Wolfgang discusses the behavior of Monte Frank who, along with several of his corrupt friends from the Newtown police department, were searching for Jonathan Reich to further violate his rights at the most recent FOI hearing. As the State of Connecticut’s ethics crumble, Governor Dannel P. Malloy refuses to halt his unconstitutional and treasonous attack against the second amendment. A bike riding campaign operated by Monte Frank has consistently presented a conflict of interest, where Monte Frank feels that he is obligated to dispute Wolfgang’s efforts, or be exposed for perpetrating a multi million dollar fraud, using emotion to steal money from Americans in front of their faces, calling it fundraising.